To come together with others who have the same passion for synchronized skating and develop strong teams and strong individuals who will learn life long lessons through skating goals and comradery.

CDNY Synchro – Team Believe – represents athlete skaters from all around the Capital Region of New York State. We welcome skaters of all skill levels who are committed to personal growth through team collaboration.

What is synchronized skating?

Synchronized ice skating is a highly technical form of skating characterized by speed, accuracy, intricate formations and breathtaking transitions performed by teams of 8-20 athletes. Synchronized skating is popular both in the United States and around the world. In this country, there are 600 synchronized teams registered with U.S. Figure Skating, and nearly 5,000 athletes participate annually in the synchronized skating sectional championships.

Athletes compete across 14 levels, depending on the age and skills of the team members.

Why Synchronized Skating?

It promotes teamwork and cooperation.  Good communication and teamwork are essential for safety and for strong performances.  The team is judged on how well it skates as a unit, not on the unique performance of individual skaters.

It teaches self-discipline and dedication.  Skaters arrive at practice promptly and work hard consistently, week after week.

It encourages individual skill-building.  To perform the highly demanding moves required for group formations, a skater must continue to improve and maintain his/her individual skills.

It supports good nutrition and exercise habits.  Because synchronized skating is a year-round sport, skaters learn to eat and exercise well all year.

It builds confidence and self-esteem.  Team members experience the thrill of reaching a difficult goal through hard work, determination and cooperation, and of being recognized for this achievement (all team members receive a medal when their team places in the top four in their division).

It teaches trust.  Skaters learn to trust their teammates to perform their roles, for everyone’s safety.

It creates strong friendships.  The bonds formed during team practices and competitions over the years can last a lifetime.

It promotes good sportsmanship.   During competitions, teams and skaters wish each other luck, cheer each other on, and exchange congratulations.

It teaches performance, grace and musicality.  The experience of performing to music under pressure will benefit skaters in other life situations that require presentation skills.

It demonstrates the benefits of synergy.  Skaters learn that working diligently with others toward a common goal is both rewarding and fun!

It supports other skating training efficiently.  Synchronized skating is ideal cross training for any other skating discipline.

It lays the foundation for success.  Synchronized skating is a system that builds the discipline necessary to succeed in other pursuits.