Inaugural season | 2016-2017

CDNY Regional Syncropped-logo_from_pdf_white_background11.pngchro represents athlete skaters from across and around the Capital Region of New York State. Albany Figure Skating Club and Saratoga Springs Figure Skating Club have partnered in this inaugural year to bring skaters together to train and prepare for competitions for the 2016-2017 skating season. We welcome skaters of all skill levels who are committed to personal growth through team collaboration.

What is synchronized skating?

Synchronized ice skating is a highly technical form of skating characterized by speed, accuracy, intricate formations and breathtaking transitions performed by teams of 8-20 athletes. Synchronized skating is popular both in the United States and around the world. In this country, there are 600 synchronized teams registered with U.S. Figure Skating, and nearly 5,000 athletes participate annually in the synchronized skating sectional championships.

Athletes compete across 14 levels, depending on the age and skills of the team members.

Why regional?

Because we are stronger together! The number of participating synchronized skaters on competitive synchronized skating teams is low and highly variable because teams are locally concentrated and individually supported by local skating clubs which have total memberships between 30 and 80.

CDNY Regional Synchro brings skaters together from multiple clubs and across the region for participation.