Synchro provides unique opportunities

Synchro provides unique opportunities for the athlete and his/her support group. Figure Skating is an individual sport and some athletes find that a team environment provides them the challenges and interactions they thrive on. Families share in the experience too creating memories that last a lifetime.

New to skating? New to synchro?

As part of USFS’s Learn-to-Skate USA, there are numerous Learn-to-Skate programs around the region; most include Learn-to-Synchro!

Check out Albany and Saratoga Springs Figure Skating Club’s programs today!

Not new to skating? Not new to synchro?

Don’t pre-judge your skills! Skaters of all ages and skills can skate synchro. CDNY is committed to growing its program to include (in addition to pre-juv and open-juv):

  • Preliminary – A team of 8-16 skaters. Skaters must be under 12, with the majority of the team under 10.
  • Intermediate – A team of 12-20 skaters. Skaters must be under 18 and have passed the pre-juvenile moves in the field test.
  • Open Collegiate – team of 8-16 skaters. Skaters must be enrolled in a college or degree program as full-time students.

If you are interested, we encourage you to contact us. We will work with you to understand your skating goals and current skills and then partner with you to identify the possibilities.